BU - Manufacturing

Established in 2013, Balaji Udhyog is a company involved in the manufacturing of Metal Spray Equipments and Accessories  like Arc Spray, Flame Spray, Metal Spray and Thermal Spray Equipment system and Arc Spray Power Source System also accessories like Extension Nozzle, Flame Spray Extension Wire, Air Jet Assembly, Gas Flow Meter related to these Equipment systems. Read more

BU - Research and Development

Balaji Udhyog is strongly committed to research and development. We Balaji Udyog have technically strong team of professionals backed with continuous research and development. The aim of BU R&D activities is to continuously strengthen the company’s technology leadership position, and to further improve its competitive edge in the global markets. This is achieved by developing products and services that are based on reliable, efficient, and cost-competitive technologies, and which address customer needs. Read more

BU - Total Quality Control

Balaji Udhyog believe in proving ourselves best at our commitment to our customers and providing them efficient Services and Qualities. We Balaji Udhyog have a procedure of total quality control to verify that the products completely match to establish standards of quality & authenticity. Only the superior quality of raw materials is used in the manufacturing process. In addition, all the stages of production are closely supervised by a expert team members to promise complete satisfaction to the our product users.Read more

Why Chose Us ?

Manufacturing Set-up :-

The manufacturing plant in Jodhpur - Rajasthan (India) allows our company Balaji Udyog to engineer top-of-the-line models Arc Spray Equipments that are assured of meeting international quality standards.

Quality Assurance :-

Our prime motive is to offer optimal-quality products like Arc Spray Equipments to the customers at the competitive price. Our equipments are highly efficient and durable and are available in various grades and specifications. Moreover, we strictly monitor the processes of manufacturing to remove all kinds of inadequacy and shortcoming to delivered perfect and best product.


  • BU delivered High quality products
  • Our products and services help our customers in achieving desired output
  • BU done Ethical and principled business practices
  • BU offers Competitive pricing
  • Our supply network is a competitive brilliance 
  • Strong infrastructure
  • Experienced & professional team.
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Balaji Udyog Clients

Balaji Udyog Clients